Have You Seen the latest Bank Adverts?

We all know that banks are not the top of everyone’s Christmas lists this year. They are being blamed for the current financial crisis, and after several high profile collapses and rescues ob both sides of the Atlantic, everyone is very nervous about which one will be next.

Which is why I’m finding a couple of recent TV and billboard ads here in Blighty very interesting. Banco Santander, LloydsTSB and HSBC are all using phrases like “Trusted” and “Safe”. Lloyds are even calling themselves “Britain’s most trusted bank.”

Yeah, right.

But it’s not just banks. This morning I had an unsolicited e-mail from a company telling me “Don’t let the financial crisis turn into an IT crisis!” What TF?

Next thing you know we’ll have chocolate companies will be telling us to eat more so we don’t get depressed because the house has been repossessed.

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