Ladz "Local Lovelies"

The third story in the Ladz “Local Lovelies” series has finished its six-month exclusive period at Ruthie’s Club and is now available to download on my website, or if you’re a member of StoriesOnline or you can find it there too.

Ladz is a (fictional) weekly magazine aimed at men in their late teens to early thirties. It features a mixture of pub jokes, sport and lots of pictures of young, attractive women in their underwear. The magazine’s most popular feature is Ladz ‘Local Lovelies’. Ordinary girls from around Britain send in pictures of themselves to the magazine in the hope of becoming the next big thing. Each week one of them is invited to do a professional photo shoot that includes the magazine’s centrefold spread. And each of those women has a story to tell.

Episode #56 was about Laura – a student from Leicester. Episode #58 was all about Emma from Northampton. The latest story, episode #62, is about Rebecca from London. Click on any of the covers below to read the stories. (These are .pdf documents and you’ll need Adobe reader or similar to view them)

ladz 56 laura250 ladz58-250 Ladz 62-250

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