Looking forward

So, I’m really excited about getting Eternally & Evermore to a state where I think I can submit it to Phaze and see if they’ll publish it. I genuinely think it’s the best thing I’ve written to date. I know that there is still work ahead, editing is never easy and even since I ‘finished’ it the other day I’ve had thoughts about areas I’d like to amend – some pieces of dialogue in particular I think could stand to be padded out a bit to really show the emotion of the characters. But this is always an exciting point for a writer to be at.

It’s also the point at which you have to look forward to what you do afterwards. I’ll be honest, I worried that what ever I write next won’t be as good. I’m worried that perhaps I’ve reached the peak of my ability and it’s all down hill from here.

I’m worried about this because the new piece I have been writing while editing the second draft of E&E suddenly doesn’t seem up to the job. It seems flawed and just not good enough. Trouble is, while I know who the characters are, I’m not sure what their story is. And honestly, after Will and Amy and Sophie and the others, I’m not sure the characters are good enough either.

So that leaves me looking for something else. Something that will be worthy of being a follow up to E&E. I have a few idea – ideas have never been my problem. Often I have so many ideas that I forget half of them (which is kind of frustrating). The problem isn’t having ideas – it’s finding that one idea you can develop in to something worthwhile.

There is one story I’ve always wanted to write, but while I know what the ending is and know what most of the plot is, I don’t know how to ‘frame’ it in a believable way. I don’t know how these two people would meet given the situation that one of them is in. Yes, I know, vague is an understatement here. Sorry.

Then there the book who’s opening I’ve had written for a long time but that I can’t nail down the rest of the story. (Actually, I have a few like that)

So what I need is to take stock. Take time to think out which one of the ideas i have floating around would make the best book. Which would have the best characters and a plot that will carry the reader along to a big finish.

We shall see.

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