Making a fool of myself over the six nations

Here at work, we run an in-office competition to add a bit of spice to the annual Six Nations rugby tournament. What we do is predict the final outcome of the tournament table before it all kicks off, and then before each round of matches, we try and predict the scores.
Now, the first year we did this I won. And was accused of cheating since I ran the thing. The second year, I proved I wasn’t cheating by finishing last. And finishing last the year after that.
This year, after two rounds of matches, I’m not last – which is nice. But the top four, at the moment, are all women. Which for an office full of so-called Rugby Experts (not me, but all the other men) this has caused no small amount of embrassement. There’s another round of matches this weekend. So who know’s what will happen.
I’m hoping I can get up the allotment again this weekend. I’ve still got half the plot to dig over. But I’d also like to find some time to do some writing. I probably won’t get to do either of these things, but I live in hope.

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