Mid-week thoughts

Sad news today that one of the conjoined twins born to an eighteen year old at Great Ormond St late last month has died. The twins were called Hope and Faith, and ironically it is Hope that has died. I hope that Faith will continue to get stronger and survive. My thoughts are with her. More details here.

This does raise an interesting question though. They say that twins, particularly identical twins (i.e. those from a single egg) have a special bond that is difficult to describe or explain. i wonder just how the death of her sister will affect little Faith Williams – or if she’ll ever feel truly ‘complete’.

To other matters, LoudTwitter, the service I’ve been using to ship my daily twitter posts to me blog seems to have stopped working. That’s a shame as a few people have told me they like the format – particularly on days after I’ve been a bit ‘tweet happy’

I’ve been working when I can on Professional Misconduct which is the rewrite of what used to be Reunion. I’ve laid out the basics of the plot by chapter, but I’m finding that I need to insert new chapters here and there. Hence I currently have a “Chapter 2a”. I renumber everything when I’m finished, but it seems silly to keep changing chapter numbers each and every time I insert something new.

i think i might try and re-write College by the Sea as well alongside of what I’m doing. Yes, yes, I know. I should concentrate on one story at a time, right? Well, trouble is, I keep getting flashes for College, and I don’t want to lose them. Working on two stories when I know where both are going might work. It might not and if that’s the case, I’ll switch back to one at a time. But we’ll see.

I’m also need to decide when i start posting extracts from Kissed by a Rose. At 90000 I’ve plenty to choose from. I’d like to try and build up some anticipation for the book, but not so much that people get bored of it before it comes out. I’m also considering offering one lucky person the chance to ‘beta-read’ the book and let me know what they think of it – and if it can be improved.

Oh, I didn’t win the REC awards I was nominated for. Never mind – it was cool just to be nominated. Maybe next year.

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