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Circumstances beyond my control have left me unable to blog this week – in other words, those people who employ me have been demanding I do what they pay me for instead of goofing off, which is ridiculous when you think about it.

Anyway, before I go off on today’s random rant, I want to say something. I want to make it clear that this blog is simply a record of my thoughts and opinions. I use phrases such as “I think” and “I suspect” and “I believe”. This doesn’t make what follows those phrases statements of fact. If I’m speculating about something, it’s just that, speculation. I trust that the people who read this blog have a reasonable level of intelligence (I mean, they’re choosing to read my blog after all) and so they can tell the difference between verifiable facts and the other random things I say.

Okay then, back to business. The new hard drive in my laptop seems to be working fine. It’s over double the size of the old one which means I’ll end up filling it with double the amount of crap, but hey, what ya gonna do. I’ve also managed to retrieve my old e-mails. It turned out to just be a case of copying the Thunderbird folder in the ‘Application data’ folder over from the old disk.

Also this week, my little boy has finally found his feet and is delighting in marching around the house as if he owns it – which of course he does, just like he owns everything in it. He’s also delighting in pulling my books off the bookshelf and sitting with it open on the floor having an in-depth discussion with himself about the moral and artistic value of the work. At least I assume that’s what he’s doing, he uses his own little language that no one else (i.e. me and his mother) can understand. I think I need to get a bookcase with a door and a lock.

My website, marcnobbs.com, is in need of an update – but as yet I haven’t installed Netfusion on my new hard drive so I won’t get around to that until the weekend at the earliest – unless I look at using a different program. As good as Netfusion is – I do find it annoying sometimes.

I’ve been hard at work on the poorly titled “Little Miss Movie Star”. It’s now over 25000 words and I haven’t even got to the Royal Premiere yet. (Okay, that means nothing to you since you don’t know the plot, but it’s about the halfway point, I think. Or should I say, I hope?) One of the reasons that I’ve been so motivated to write large portions of this story is that Cassie (bless) keeps demanding to read more and she won’t be fobbed off with excuses.

“Lost and Found” has now been accepted by Ruthie’s. They’ll publish it over two weeks, two chapters per week. I don’t have a date for this yet though.

Does anyone want a wine gum? I have a whole packet here and I’m getting through them very quickly.

Finally – is anyone going to put a bid in for Britney Spears’ hair? If so, why? Are you mad?


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