Six Sentence Sunday 04/04/2010

Kissed by a Rose I know I haven’t been around this week, and there are reasons for that I might explain later, but I’m back for Six Sentence Sunday. My six this week again come from my impending print release, Kissed by a Rose, which you can get in digital formats now if you can’t wait for the print copy or just prefer you book digitally anyway.

Here we go…

“Upset? You don’t think I’m all that upset. You haven’t got the first fucking clue, have you? You’ve got no fucking idea at all how I’m feeling. Look, just because I’m not crying my eyes out, drowning myself in ice cream or threatening to throw myself off Central Pier, doesn’t mean I’m not all that upset.” He took a deep, calming breath.

I didn’t mention it last week when I should have, but you can read other Six Sentence Sunday posts by checking out the main blog.

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