Some weeks you just have to write off

And this has been one of them. Seriously, I’ve had a very, very bad week. Issues at home and at work, and a eye infection that felt for three days as if my insides were trying to escape through my eye until the puss-filled blob on my lower lid exploded all over the inside of my glasses and left me looking like I was weeping blood.

The home issues I’m going to skirt over as they are very personal and not the sort of thing I’d like to share. Suffice to say I’ve not been hurrying to get home this week. But then, I’ve not really wanted to stay at work either cause things haven’t been going well there either (which I also can’t talk about – client confidentiality and all that).

So I’ve spent a lot of time wandering around Tesco. It’s amazing what you can get in there these days.

I’ve also been able to concentrate on some writing. I’ve written three chapters this week. THREE. and after I’ve finished this post I’m determined to finish a fourth.

So that’s all you’re getting from me. I know this is my first blog post this week. I apologise but I really, really didn’t feel like I could write without venting and potentially post something I’d regret later. But things are better now.

Or they seem to be. I can but hope.


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