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Do you Trust Chloë?

Chloë Goodman is a significant character in the Westmouthshire Universe. She is the female lead in Kissed by a Rose, She is mentioned a few times in Eternally & Evermore, makes a fleeting cameo appearance in A Good Man when Paul & Clarissa visit the university campus and a longer, more significant appearance in A […]

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New “Kissed by a Rose” Teasers

The designing book “Teasers”—small graphics for sharing on social media that contain a short little snippet of the book’s text—is a fun distraction from all manner of life’s travails. And whenever I’m trying to get back into the ‘role’ of being Marc Nobbs, it’s one of the things that I turn to as an aide.

2020 Blog Kissed by a Rose Westmouthshire

Release Date Confirmed

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. Work has picked up for one thing—which always makes it difficult to find the time to post to the blog. But putting that aside, I’ve been spending every spare moment I’ve had working on two things.

2020 Blog Kissed by a Rose Westmouthshire

Really? I mean, Really, Really?

The past week or so I’ve been working my way through my now cleaned-up (in terms of formatting) copy of Kissed by a Rose looking for any stupid errors or any small elements of style that could be improved.

2020 Blog Kissed by a Rose Novels Westmouthshire

Looking Back… And Ahead

As you’ll know, if you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been reformatting Kissed by a Rose over the last week or so to get it ready to re-issue after Phaze fell by the wayside. The copy of the e-pub that I have is in a terrible state, with hard HTML paragraph breaks in the middle of sentences, never mind […]

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Phaze Books Closes

It’s the third week in May, and my last “weekly update” was
fourteen weeks ago. I did say my renewed commitment to a blog post at least
every week wouldn’t last, didn’t I? You should know better than to trust me on
these matters by now.

2017 Blog Charlotte's Secret Kissed by a Rose

Let’s Talk About… “Kissed by a Rose”

Kissed by a Rose was the first “Full Length” novel I ever wrote. By “Full Length” I mean it was some eighty thousand words long—guidelines vary but the general rule of thumb seems to be that anything under about fifty thousand words is a novella and anything over that is a novel.  It was also the […]

2007 Blog Kissed by a Rose

Keeping it Straight

I find that one of the biggest problems with writing ‘longer’ stories, is keeping everything straight in your head so that you don’t contradict yourself at some point. Of course, it depends on the complexity of the story as to what you need to do to keep things straight. For example, with “Charlotte Secret” the […]

2007 Blog Kissed by a Rose Westmouthshire

I’ve been working!

Recently, I’ve actually been doing some writing. Wonders will never cease! At the weekend I read through what I’ve written so far in my “Little Miss Movie Star” story. I’d reached a point where I didn’t know if I needed, or indeed wanted, to include a particular scene, which is why I stalled. I could […]