Two More Books Added to Kindle Unlimited

ladz65Two more of my books have been added to Kindle Unlimited, meaning if you have a KU subscription, you can read them at no extra cost!

First up is the last of the four Ladz “Local Lovelies” short stories, Episode #65, Carla. This one features a feisty blonde estate agent who stripped off for the weekly lads magazine with the sole purpose of getting access to an endless supply of cock—all thanks to her friend Rebecca (episode #62).

That means all four Ladz stories are now part of Kindle Unlimited. Bonus!

As well as that, The Big Four Ohhh! is now part of KU too. One of most popular books ever, TB4O is all about a very, very special birthday party that a husband arranges for his wife.

The Big Four Ohhh! also has a new cover, to celebrate it’s KU inclusion. what do you think of it?



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