Updated eBooks Issued

coverlarge v2 700I’ve issued updated versions of the novels A Good Man and Reunion to both Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. The updates consist of formatting updates and minor corrections such as spelling corrections, missing words etc. Both books have new covers too. Reunion’s is a complete redesign. A Good Man’s has changes to the title layout and the addition of the tag line “A Westmouthshire Novel”.

Smashwords users who have purchased wither book and go in to their account and download the updated version at will. I’m not sure how the Kindle account handle updates. A quick google tell me that you either have to request the new version to be sent to your device, or download it manually, or it will be delivered automatically unless you request not to receive it. So it’s anyone’s guess.

It’ll probably take Smashwords a while to push the file through to the likes of Kobo and iBooks too, and again, I don’t know how one goes about getting the updated file from those services.

That’s not really terribly helpful. Sorry.

But the important thing is that the books have been updated. Which is a good excuse to read them again, don’t you think?

Oh, and A Tortured Soul is currently 67,000 words long and reaching the first of two milestones that Paul needs to pass before we reach the book’s conclusion. So I’m kind of happy with that.


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