Word Count Update

I’ve not added as many words to “A Wounded Heart” since my last update as I would have liked—just over a thousand.

One the other hand, The Truths We Live has grown by just under 4000 words, so that’s not too bad.


Overall, that’s 5000 words in about a week and a half. I’m quite pleased with that. Yes, I know it’s slow going in real terms, but on top of everything else going on in my life right now, an average of 500 words a day is not to be sniffed at.

Both books have a “cover” now too – although I’m not ready to reveal either of them yet.

I’ve been to see three schools for Nobbs Jr’s transition to ‘big school’ this time next year over the past week and we’re going to see another two this week. Well, we’re going to see one ‘new’ one and the other is a proper tour of one of the ones we saw a presentation for last week.

It’s a scary thought actually. The schools we’ve seen so far have all been ‘good’. One of them is £4600 a term, which is probably out of our reach to be honest, but it was worth going to see it.


Of the other two, both state school, one is a new ‘free school’. There will only be two year groups there when he starts if we send Jr there. That has advantages and disadvantages.

The other one—the one we saw the presentation for and that we’ll be touring Thursday evening—is not just the best school in the county, it’s one of the best state schools in the country. This is the school I really want Jr to go to. I’m quite envious that he has the opportunity to go to such a school if I’m honest. To some extent, I am where I am now despite the school I went to not because of it. I can only imagine what Jr could make of his life having been educated at a school that really does give boys (it’s an all-boys school) every chance to be the the very best they can be, a school that actively encourages and celebrates success rather than the “that’ll do” attitude that my old school always had (A school which has since been closed down, i should add. And not closed and reopened with a new name, but actually closed down. For Good.)

Of course, this school is heavily oversubscribed and admission is pretty much a lottery. But who knows, sometimes in life you do actually win the lottery. And I’m really hoping that Jr does.


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  • wendyshodges

    how soon do you expect to have A Wounded Heart for release? I have just finished part 2 and hate having to wait to long to get an ending to a story

    • Marc Nobbs

      Hi Wendy, I’ve set myself a (soft) deadline of the end of the year for a first draft. Here’s hoping I can meet it, although with work commitments they way they are at the moment, it’s not looking good if I’m honest.

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