Love Romances Cafe Author Questions part 2

Here is the second part of the questions asked of Phaze authors during Monday’s Yahoo! group chat.

Where do you envision your writing career in the next 2-5 years? Have you even looked that far ahead?

Gee, I don’t know. If I ever finish Chloe’s Education I’d like to see that published. Beyond that there are two stories I would like to rewrite as I’ve never really seem them as finished. I’ve got a ton of sub-plots and character development I’d like to add to Reunion and College by the Sea is something that’s been annoying me with its unfinsihedness for ten years.

I guess I’d like to become ‘established’ – still writing shorts for Ruthie’s and publishing a novel or novella a year.

If you could have 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

It’s a Cliché but… Health, Wealth and Happiness. For me and my family. Is that selfish? Yeah, but do I look bovvered?

What other titles do you have scheduled right now for release in 2008?

Lost & Found is released next month. That’s about a man who flies across the Atlantic to comfort his cyber-lover in her hour of need. That’s all that’s scheduled right now, but I’ve got a few shorts in the fire which I’d expect to finish and send off to Ruthie’s before the end of the year. And who knows, if I work really hard and finish Chloe that might see the light of day before the end of the year (but I doubt it very much)

We all like to dream of that one movie star that we would love to think would fall in love with us on site What celebrity would you love to get to know better?

I don’t need to dream of movie stars – my wife is enough of a star for putting up with me. What d’you mean that’s a kop out answer? Oh, okay, you’ve twisted my arm. Just point me in the direction of the lovely Ms Knightly and I’ll be happy.

Where can readers contact you? I’ll answer any mail I get, unless it’s been filtered out by my spam filter. So don’t write telling me about great deals on little blue pills. Apart from anything else, I don’t need them. (wink, wink)

What do you think readers would be surprised to discover about you?

I think if any of my readers heard me speak, they’d be shocked. Far from sounding like a fine English Gent, my Black Country background mean I sound more like Ozzy Osborne than James Bond.

What can you tell us about any works you are writing now? Can you share a little bit about that with readers?

I’ve mentioned Chloe’s Education a few times, so I guess I’d better elaborate. Chloe is a teenage movie star but as she turns 19 she decides to take a break from the biz to study for a degree. Naturally, while at Uni she meets and falls in love with an ‘ordinary’ man, Adam. But the course of true love never runs smooth (as they say) and it’s even less smooth when you have two such different backgrounds. Will the young lovers make it safely to the other side of the Ocean of Love? Or do stormy waters lie ahead.

What song would best describe you?

I don’t know. I missed this question out, thought about it for an hour and I still don’t know. How about Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton? Too cheesy? Just a bit.

What is your favourite travel spot? Where have you traveled that you would love to visit again?

The Alsace region of France. Lovely villages, great scenery and fantastic food and wine. What more could one want?

Where would I love to go again? As soon as Nobbs Jr is old enough to appreciate it, I’m taking him to Disney World.

Do you fall in love with the heroes you write? Who is your favourite hero from any story you have read – one of your favourite books?

That’s a questions aimed at the female authors, isn’t it? So let me talk about my heroines instead. I’ll admit I fell for Beth from Lost & Found in a big way. She’s so spunky and alive, but at the same time so alone and venerable. She’s the sort of girl you can have a lot of fun with, but who still needs you to hold her in your arms and tell her everything will be alright and that you’ll look after her. She’s very special.

Actually, a lot of my heroines are like that now I come to think of it – does that say anything about me do you think?

What is your favourite food?

Now that’s a silly question. Let’s just say it starts with “C” and ends with “late”.

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