5-Star Review for “The Big Four Ohhh!”

Firstly, apologies for my absence these past couple of weeks. It’s been party conference season and although this blog is not and will never be a political mouthpiece for me, I do take a very keen interest in politics and the way our fine country is run. And these past couple of weeks I’ve known that if I were to write anything, I wouldn’t have been able help but start spouting off about the various issues rasied at the conferences.

So I thought it better to not write anything at all than risk offending anyone.

And I would have offended someone. Whenever anyone writes anything political, they end up offending someone.

But anyway, on to more important things – The Big Four Ohhh! has been given a 5-Star review on Smashwords. The review was by “Randy Rob”, and his comments include :

What a thoughtful birthday gift. This lucky lady got three big black cocks and a smaller but enthusiastic white one


Raunchy read without being dirty. Good BBC story.

You can read the review on the story’s Smashwords page. Just scroll down to the bottom.

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