Another Week gone

Another week goes by and I’ve not been nearly as active in cyberspace as I’d have hoped. At work I’ve been busy budgeting and doing cash flow forecasts for the coming year. Oh, and payroll, very important, mustn’t forget payroll. I’d get lynched.

At home I’ve been getting in at six-thirty, eating dinner then struggling to put Nobbs Jr to bed. He simply refuses. Flat out refuses. It’s very annoying. I’d just gotten used to him going to bed around eight-eight thirty, giving me and Mrs Nobbs some adult time alone or me some time to be Mr Nobbs and do some writing, and instead he’s still running around when me and Mrs Nobbs are dead on our feet and trying to keep ourselves from nodding off.

Anyway. The Charlotte’s Secret contest is still open. I’m closing it to entries on April 30th. Just send an e-mail to containing details of the worst secret you’ve ever kept and you could be the winner of a copy of my new Phaze release, Charlotte’s Secret.

Right, well, must go and reconcile the company bank accounts now. Oh, what an exciting life I lead.

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