Originally published by Phaze Books back in 2011, I’m today re-issuing Eternally & Evermore. Phaze closed down last year (without telling its authors—but that’s a different story) and so the publishing rights for the books I had with reverted to me.

It’s taken longer than I would have hoped, but Eternally & Evermore is the second of these books to once again become available.

It’s the story of Will Brown and Amy Robinson, who are teenage sweethearts at the start of the book. But life ‘get in the way’ as they say and twenty years later their lives have taken different paths. But when they meet up at a class reunion, they find that the old magic is very much still there.

Are they destined to be together “Eternally & Evermore” after all?

Eternally & Evermore is available now on Amazon, for purchase or as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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