April Keywords – WTF??

computer_1524813c I’ve done posts before focusing on the keyword searches that bring people to my website and their utter absurdity. April was no different. Forty five different key phrases resulted in people clicking on links to my site. Which isn’t bad really. Until you break down what those searched phrases are.

Obviously the top phrases were “Marc Nobbs”, “marcnobbs.com”, “marcnobbs” and “Mark Nobbs”. “Ruthie’s Club” bought in a number of hits too as did various ‘erotica’ and ‘erotic romance’ related phrases. But it’s the ‘one off’ phrases that are always the most interesting. The ones that make you stop and think “WTF????” Here are some of the best for April.

  • “tom gabby cock”
  • “squirting orgasm filetype pdf”
  • “he pulled my jockeys down to reveal my 13 year old cock”
  • “ikizler erkeği kızarsa nasıl davranır” – which Google translates to mean “Although the twins flushed and how men behave.” (No, I didn’t understand it either)
  • “oh god yes she moaned as the priest licked her” (sounds like a hell of a confessional to me)
  • “oh yes oh yes fuckme filetype pdf”
  • “my wife sighed as his cock went up her arse” (well, she would, I suppose. That or scream)

All I can say is that there appears to be some very odd people in the world.


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