This isn’t a writing related post. In fact, it couldn’t be more unrelated to writing. But this past weekend I visited the local garden centre with my family and we found a display of Bonsai trees on show. Evidently they were there to be judged by the local Bonsai society. Bonsai growing is something I’ve always been interested in, but never had the time to really have a good crack at. I guess it appeals to the meticulous side of me – the side that might spend hours agonising over using the right word in a sentence or researching something seemingly trivial before putting it into a story.

So, naturally, took some pictures and had a long chat with some of the growers.

A couple if these trees are more than fifty years old. I wanted to ask the owner how much he thought that particular tree would be worth on the open market, but didn’t think it would be polite to.

2013-06-22 15.12.43

2013-06-22 15.12.57

2013-06-22 15.13.13

2013-06-22 15.13.45

2013-06-22 15.14.09

2013-06-22 15.29.56

2013-06-22 15.30.07

This one is a favourite of mine. I love the way the trunk is split open yet it keep son going, and the fact that it is in flower..

2013-06-22 15.30.43

2013-06-22 15.30.56

2013-06-22 15.31.08

 2013-06-22 15.32.08

2013-06-22 16.19.11

 2013-06-22 16.19.21

2013-06-22 16.19.30


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