Bobby’s “Movie” Career

One of the fun things about writing “The Truths We Live” has been coming up with different types of scenes for Bobby’s burgeoning “Movie Career”.

If you’ve read “The Lies We Lead” you may recall he filmed an audition with Amber where she played a teenager in her bedroom reading a dirty book on her Kindle and Bobby was a convenient cock who happened to walk in on her and ‘help’ with her ‘stress’. Well, in “The Truths We Live” he’s reshot that scene with both Amber and with Dom.

He’s also filmed a scene with his lovely wife, Emma/Kitty, although I’m not going to tell you anything about that. With Mel, he played a handyman who helps out a stricken housewife with ‘her plumbing’ and he plays a nerdy library user who gets it on with Kristi Belle’s sexy librarian—eventually shoving his #fatcock up her #sexyarse (as Kristi’s followers on twitter so delightfully put it).

He films a “Wife Swap” scene with two American Starlets, Cindy-Lou Parker and Lizzie Bennett, which also features Parker from my popular novella “The Big Four Ohhh!”.

Erika Novák is the first star of a “gonzo” series which was supposed to be called “Dick Does…” but ends up being called “Mr Dick”—thanks to Erika. The second star of “Mr Dick” is a young Pole called Lucja Szymanski. “Gonzo”, for those who don’t know, is where the cameraman—or in this case, Mr Dick himself—interviews the starlet, before stripping her and fucking her. No plot, no contrived scenarios, just straight up fucking.

Bonnie Campbell, is a busty Scottish starlet who played a neglected horny housewife and our hero Bobby was the delivery driver with a package from an “adult toys” website—and Bonnie asks him to help her test it out.

Celine Dior is the third star of the “Mr Dick” series and her interview is a lot of fun. The last scene I’ve written (so far) features Jenny Rotten, an “Alt-Porn” performer who plays a university student trying to get better grades from her Professor by riding him ‘reverse cowgirl” on his desk and squirting across his study.

That’s all I’ve written so far, but with his videos going down well with the fans, Bobby will be filming more before this story is over. So what scenes do you want to see Bobby perform in? What is your favourite ‘contrived porn plot?” Let me know in the comments and I might even feature some of them in the book.


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