Monday Musings

I’m still trying to get back into the routine of blogging regularly—and of posting to my Facebook page regularly, for whatever that is worth with the piss poor way Facebook handles posts on Pages—but it takes some effort to get back into the swing of it properly.

One of the issues is, “What do I post about?”

On the Facebook page, that’s fairly easy. I have a whole bunch of “teaser quote” memes I can put up with links to the book’s Amazon page. The reach of those posts isn’t great but it keeps the page ticking over. Apparently, the posts that do best (apart from the ones you pay to “boost”) are those that get the audience interacting.

Posts such as this one.

The post had the largest “reach” of any post in 2017 so far and had a number of people respond with suggestions of Porn Star names for inclusion in “The Truths We Live”.

So, it makes sense to do more posts like this. A shared photo, containing a question, quiz or something similar for people to interact with. But coming up with unique ideas for that is a challenge.

My next one will be, I think, a duplicate of a recent Twitter poll I ran, which had minimal respondents. I want to write a short story and get it ‘out there’ as a way of apology to all those people patiently waiting for a new novel from me. But what should it be about? I have tons of ideas but, as always, don’t know which one to run with.

So, I’ll ask my ‘fans’. (I don’t like that word. I don’t have ‘fans’. I’m not famous enough to have ‘fans’.)

Posts for this blog, on the other hand, are more tricky. They really have to be “about something”. And that’s not always easy to do. That said, I do find that it’s the blank page that’s daunting. Once you start to write, generally, you end up writing ‘about something’. It’s not always interesting, but that’s not always the point.

I have a few ideas for posts here—a showcase of reviews my books have had on Amazon, more book excerpts, that sort of thing—so it should just be a case of sitting down and writing them, but, as I said, that’s easier said than done.

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