Carrie Jones interviews Jacques Surmont – #KbaR

Kissed by a RoseGood morning, I’m Carrie Jones and once again Mr Nobbs has loaned me his blog for the second in a series of interviews with the cast of his latest Erotic Romance novel Kissed by a Rose, which is released by Phaze books on 1st June.

The title of the book refers to Chloe Goodman, an English Rose in the classic cinematic tradition. And as we all know, every world famous English Rose has a favourite fashion designer. And Chloe’s favourite isn’t Stella McCartney or Christian Dior, but London based Frenchman, Jacques Surmount.

Today, I speak exclusively with Jacques about Chloe, his relationship with her and the dresses he’s designed for her.

Monsieur Surmont, Bonjour.

Bonjour, Carrie. Ca Va?

Er, Oui?

Bon. Allors.

Yeah, right. Well, Jacques… Can I call you Jacques?

Carrie, a beautiful woman like you ees calling me what ever she ees liking, non?

Jacques, How long have you known Chloe Goodman?

Oh, I am knowing Chloe from when she ees being very petite, non? I am meeting her father when I am first coming to London and he ees helping me to make zee business. Zees ees before Chloe ees being born, so I am knowing ‘er all ‘er life. Oui?

And when did you start making clothes for her?

I am first making ze dress for Chloe when she is being given ze award for being best at newcoming on zat soap when she ees having just six years.

You mean, “Neighbourhood”.

Oui. Zat ees what eet ees being called. Eet was une belle robe rose with lots of zee little frills.

Yes, I remember that. If memory serves, Chloe hates the photos of her in that frilly pink dress.

Oui, she ees. But zen, are not all women not liking photographs of zemselves when zey are little? I am thinking she ees looking like an angel, non? A perfect little angel.

How many outfits have you designed for Chloe over the years.

All of zem. Chloe is doing me a great ‘onour in saying zat no-one else will ever be making ze clothes for ‘er. Zis ees why I am ‘aving three dresses in zis book of Monsieur Nobbs. I am being zo very grateful.

Yes, tell us about the dresses.

Well, zee first is being for–

I don’t think we can say what it’s for – it will give away the plot.

You are being correct, of course, Carrie. Well, Zee first dress is making ‘er look zee beautiful young woman zat every man ees wanting. Eet ees soie noir-”

Black Silk.

Oui. Soie noir avec trois straps of spaghetti. Eet ees tres belle. Tres, tres belle.

And your said there were two other dresses.

Oui, but I am thinking zat you should be reading the book to find out about zem, non?

Fair enough. So tell me, did you enjoy being in the book.

Ah, oui. C’est bon. My business has been, ‘ow you say, booming as a result. People are all wanting me to make ze dresses for zem just like Chloe’s.

Well, thank you for your time Jacques. It’s been a pleasure. Next time, I’ll be talking to Chloe and Adam’s friends, Cassie and Eddie.

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