Don’t cha just luv Myspace?

Yesterday, at around 3 in the afternoon, by a curious quirk of fate, I had three friend requests from three attractive looking young ladies, two blondes and a brunette, all of whom were named Kayla, although one of them spelt it differently. As you do, I had a quick look at their profiles before deciding if I should accept their kind invitation to be friends.

It turns out that all three of them were 19 year old student nurses from a place called So Cal which sounds as if it may be in the Far East. But that wasn’t the only thing that these three lovelies had in common. All three of them described themselves as “permanently horny”. Maybe that’s why they want to be friends? Perhaps they like the idea of befriending an author of erotic fiction (I don’t like the term Erotic Author – it makes it sound like I’m the one that’s erotic and anyone who’s seen me will know that’s not the case) who will be able to aid their horniness with his words.

Also, all three Kaylas were very disappointed that MySpace didn’t allow them to post ‘naughty pictures’ of themselves, but kindly provided a link to a site where, for a small monthly fee, I could see many such pictures of them and other similarly minded young ladies. I could even see them ‘perform’ on webcam, whatever that means. Perhaps they are singers or actors and would like my critical opinion as a fellow artist, albeit in a somewhat different field.

I thought it strange that I be contacted by three 19 year old student nurses from this strange So Cal place on the same day, so I investigated a bit more (I fancy myself a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Or maybe a male Jessica Fletcher). I opened all three profiles in tabs in Firefox and do you know what I found out? Aside from the pictures of the Kaylas and the backgrounds, the three profiles were identical. Even down to the placing of the slideshows and list of favourite TV shows. Remarkable. Perhaps I should introduce these three beauties. They are bound to get along well what with having so much in common and all.


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