Nice week

I’ve had quite a nice week this week. I took some time off from work to spend with my son. Three days, just me and him doing father and son things. It has been very, very pleasant.

Of course, it was difficult going back to work on Thursday – it always is when you go back after a holiday. But it could have been a lot worse, so I shouldn’t really complain.

On a separate note, we had a conversation at work recently concerning our firm’s password policy for the network. One of the directors mentioned that he found it difficult enough as it is to remember all the different passwords he has to have for all the different sites he uses – the network password, passwords for his personal bank and the firm’s bank, and four or five different professional sites he needs to use to do his job.

And that got me thinking about the number of passwords that Marc Nobbs has. There’s twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, the FTP for my website… I could go on. And it strikes me that if one company could come up with a way for us all to link our profiles on all these sites and use one user ID and one password, then they would probably be quid’s in.

But I digress.

I’ve actually been able to write a couple of chapters of my WIP in the past few days. I’m still not convinced it’s as good as it could be but it is only a first draft and to be honest so far I’m twelve thousand words in and it’s mostly just setting up the characters and situation. The ‘drama’ of the story should start in the next couple of chapters. After I’ve written those then perhaps I’ll be happier with it. We shall see.

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