Keyword Round-up

It’s always interesting to take a look at my websites stats information to see what sort of keyword searches are bringing people to my site. Some of them really do crack me up. Here are some of the best so far in March

  • “Maggie Jackcart” – I have no idea who she is or if she’s even real.
  • “Twins Snoging” – so that would be for my free story “Would Twins do this”
  • “Virgin sucked my cock filetype pdf” – who searched for this? Who?
  • “Tits scream please fuck me filetype pdf” – I’d guess this was the same person, right?
  • “Naruto Shippuuden” – anyone know what language this is?
  • “Passionate Plots” – I’m quite happy with this one.
  • “Romantic Novel steamy extracts” – and this one.
  • “She measured his wife cock” – that makes no sense.
  • “VW golf sloshing water sound in rear” – you’re on the wrong site mate.
  • “6470a gelnway ave 290” – I wonder who lives there then.
  • “at 40 something having her dress lifted and her knickers pulled down she was mortified” – Someone’s being a bit specific aren’t they?
  • “do twin brothers wank together” – I have no idea and you won’t find the answer on my site.

The mind boggles.


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