Westmouthshire Universe Timeline

I’ve been asked a few times now where my various novels and short stories fit in with the wider timeline of the Westmouthshire Universe.

All of my shorts aside from one or two are part of the WMSU and I have a spreadsheet that I’ve been working on that has both a simple timeline in it and a more detailed year on year calendar (which isn’t complete).

I also have another spreadsheet which serves as a database of which characters appear in which stories and in what capacity, and the ages of some of them at various points in the timeline.

I also plan to do the same for common locations in the WMSU – this fictional place is getting a bit out of hand without a reference guide for myself to work with.

But anyway… Here’s a simple timeline of the stories that make up the Westmouthshire Universe.

  • April-May 2007: Lost & Found
  • June 2007: Banging my Teammates
  • October 2007: Bus Stop
  • November 2007: Extended Family
  • March 2008: Scratched
  • May–November 2008: The Ladz Series (4 stories)
  • July 2008: Our Memorable Holiday
  • October 2008-July 2009: Kissed by a Rose
  • September 2009: Claire (present day narration)
  • October 2009: Measuring Up
  • March-June 2010: Eternally & Evermore (With flashbacks to 1989)
  • May 2010: Charlotte’s Secret
  • August 2010-October 2011: A Good Man
  • September 2010-August 2011: Sophie
  • March 2011: Private Party
  • October 2011: Public Performance
  • January 2012: The Slumber Party
  • February 2012: Would Twins do This?
  • August 2012: Sun, Sea & Shagging
  • September 2012-June 2013: A Tortured Soul
  • January-July 2013: The Big Four Ohhh!
  • October 2013: The Lies We Lead
  • April-June 2014: The Truths We Live

In addition, I’ve got three books I’m working on. A Wounded Heart starts in June 2013 (right after the end of A Tortured Soul) and will likely run through until at least the summer of 2014. “The Facts We Face” picks up the story from “The Truths We Live” in June 2014. And “The Big Ten Ohhh!” will continue Dave and Ruth’s story from “The Big Four Ohhh!” in May 2015.


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