Progress Update

So, here’s the thing, a couple of months ago, progress on A Tortured Soul ground to a halt. Why? Simple, I knew I had a really, really, tough part of the story to write.

But, here’s the good news, that really tough bit is now written. Yay for me.

Of course, when there’s good news, there’s normally bad news to accompany it.

In this case, the bad news is that pretty much every part of the book from here until the end is going to be a ‘tough part’. I know where I need to go, I’ve got a good idea of how to get there, but the road will be a rocky one.

So that’s where I am. Working slowly because I’m at a point in the story that is very difficult to write. What do I mean by difficult, though, exactly. It’s emotionally draining, that’s the problem. Take, for example, this comment from a beta-reader.

You never cease to wow me. From the awkward moments to the tender ones to passionate ones, they all come across as if you’re there.

Now, think on this, if you, dear reader, are taken on that emotional roller-coaster—just imagine what it’s like for me writing it, effectively living it right along with these characters. Characters that are as much a part of me as anything else.

New Born BabyAnyway, enough of the whinging author bullshit. Anyone know if anything interesting has happened in the world today?


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