Quick Update – Shorts & Website

I’ve been a busy little squirrel this past week or so, but not working on A Tortured Soul (I’ve been thinking about how to get the plot where I want it to go though, if that counts for anything).

No, I’ve been working on this website, which is just as important. I’ve added links to my “author pages” at various major e-book retailers to the front page. All of these are currently click-able except for “Google Play” – more on that later. I’ve also updated and checked all the links to the various short stories I have available at the moment. Interestingly, while I was collating the links, I found that the only two books that Apple haven’t picked up are Extended Family and Would Twins do This. Strange that both sound like they could be about incest even though neither of them are and yet Apple have refused to stock both. Make of that what you will. Both stories were picked up by the other retailers.

Sophie's TutorI’ve also released “Sophie’s Tutor” as a separate eBook, complete with new cover. Those who are familiar with my shorts will notice I’ve changed the title slightly. This is a deliberate and cynical attempt to cash in on the whole “teacher/student” thing that seems popular at the moment. The book is only live on Smashwords right now, as it’s “pending review” for admission into the premium catalogue that would send it to the partner retailers. I’ve also submitted the book to Amazon via KDP, but frustratingly it’s still under review. I don’t remember books taking this long before though, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

Finally, I’ve submitted a couple of books to Google Books partner programme to see if I could get them on Google Play. It’s a horrible, horrible system to get them up, it then takes ages for them to be processed, but I think I’m nearly there. A Good Man and Reunion both went live on Books this morning and I activated the “Sell on Google Play” option, so now it’s just a case of seeing how long it takes for them to show up the store.

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