Sorry, It’s Been a While

I’d like to officially deny the rumours that are not whirling around at present. I’m not dead. I’ve not given up writing. I’m not in hospital with some horrific illness or as the result of an epic car crash or some other such tragic accident.

Truth is, and I know this’ll sound like I’m repeating myself, it’s just that my day-to-day life has gotten really busy again and my writing, website and blog has had to take a back seat. Again.

It’s really frustrating actually. Especially when you are ‘on a roll’ with a project in the way that I was with A Tortured Soul. You ‘lose the flow’ to some extent when you’re forced to put it aside for a time and it takes a huge effort to get back into the mentality needed to pick it up again. But, I’m hoping that now the summer is here that’s exactly what I’ll be able to do.

Of course, I’m hoping the British Summer this year will contain some actual sun and not much rain, so that shows how realistic my hopes are, doesn’t it.


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