The Worst Week of the Year?

Sometimes, I really do wonder why I do it to myself. This week sees the last day of March, which is the financial year end for my firm. And the end of the week is April 5th, which is the end of the tax year here in the UK.

Add those two things together and it adds up to a pretty busy week for me all in all. I imagine (or should I say, hope) that all my fee earners will be billing like crazy to get the figures for the year up somewhere near respectable. I’ve got a whole bunch of year end procedures to complete, reports galore to compile and tons of year end filing to be done. Then there’s the payroll software to up date in preparation for completing the year end submission to the revenue and reporting that to the staff in time for April payroll.

And to top it all off, I’m holiday next week – so that squeezes the time I’ve got to do all this in.

So I expect to fall into bed this week very early and very, very knackered. Either that or it’ll fire up my creative energy again and I’ll be staying up late writing. Personally, I don’t know which I’d prefer right now.

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