Tough Week, Now for some R&R

It’s been a tough old week for me, just as I thought it would be. I’m not going to bang on about it because, frankly, my stresses and pressures would bore you silly. Who wants to know about a multitude of invoices and hitting a Friday afternoon deadline for a host of reports to the boss? I don’t think I would.

So what would I want to hear about? Well, how about the status of my WIPs? Yes, plural. I know it shouldn’t be and that I really should work on one at a time, but I’ve got two major projects that  I’ve started and am working on. Having said that, recently I’ve been focusing on one of them at the expense of the other.

The piece in question has a working title of “Professional Misconduct”, although as the story has developed this is no longer an appropriate title.  I need to think of a new title, something to do with second chances, but I’m not stressing it right now. Instead, I’m simply referring to it as “Amy & Will’s Story”.

Amy and Will are the protagonists and I’m finding myself enjoying spending time with them. In the past week I’ve written three chapters – the count is now up to 27 and is rounding the third turn, approaching turn four and heading for home.

This coming week I’ll be in France visiting the in-laws and allowing my little boy to soak up some more of the language. So that means next week will be as low on twitter tweets from me as last week was. It will probably mean that this blog will be low on posts and I hope it means I’ll be able to write another couple of chapters of Amy & Will’s story. We’ll have to wait and see.


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