They Grow Up So Quick

school1 It only seems like the other week that I was holding my newly born baby boy in my hands – so tiny & fragile & helpless. So utterly reliant on his mother and me.

But it was four and a half years ago.

Yesterday, Mrs Nobbs and I went to the new intake parents evening at Jr’s new school. We met his new teacher, ordered his uniform and PE kit, and signed him up for school dinners. I can’t believe it’s come along quite so quickly. He’ll be starting university before I know it.

But anyways. His teacher is lovely. Let’s call her Miss M. She can’t be anymore than 26 or 27. She’s blonde, petite and very, very pretty. Given that Jr is a bit like his dad and has a soft spot for small, pretty young blondes, I think he’s going to quickly become quite enamoured with her.

And his dad might just find inspiration for a new book. You never know.

Roll on September, eh?


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