What a Response

0004-cntjpjwlxhhl6zllycfgbaz4o1_500 Well, I have to say I’m completely overwhelmed at the response to my opening up the blog to guest posters. One look at the blog’s new “Coming Soon” page will tell you I’ve been busy this week corresponding with fellow authors and slots have been filling up fast.

We’ve already had a great excerpt from Victoria Blisse’s The Point yesterday and tomorrow she’s written an interesting piece about curvy women. Both of those coming after my good friend Cassie Exline kicked things off on Monday with her delightful vampire flash.

But that’s just the start. Look at the guests I have coming up.

  • 7 May – Friday House Guest is Misty Malone
  • 10 May – Monday Morning Flash – “Hot Cream Desire” by Cassie Exline
  • 12 May – Wednesday Words – “Verasheyan” by J.Trout
  • 14 May – Friday House Guest is Christine London
  • 19 May – Wednesday Words by Don Luis de la Cosa
  • 24 May – Monday Morning Flash – “One Brief Moment” by Christine London
  • 2 June – Wednesday Words – “Dead Men Get No Tail” by Misty Malone
  • 9 June – Wednesday Words – “Soul in his Eyes” by Christine London
  • 16 June – Wednesday Words – “Exposure” by Lisabet Sarai
  • 16 July – Friday House Guest – “Build a Brand or Branch Out” by Lisabet Sarai

And that’s not listing the weeks where I’ve felt the need to book Monday or Wednesday slots for myself – it is my blog after all.

I can tell you this, I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks.

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