Back to The Tank?

Yesterday I was invited, no, invited isn’t the right word, I was ordered back to The Fishtank by the very scary Ms Mount. As it happens, I’d been thinking about dipping my toe back in for a while, especially since Cassie told me it had gone nuts in there following the call from Ruthie’s for Valentine’s Day flash stories. So being ordered back wasn’t that much of a burden. I mean, I’ve always enjoyed it in The Tank, haven’t I?

I’ve been lurking for a while, not so much reading the stories up for review, but keeping an eye on the forums. There was a particularly lively thread about Obama that caught my interest.

But last night, I figured I could read a couple of flashes, post a couple of comments and I’d be right back into it. How wrong I was. I think I’m going to have to look under the bed or something to re-discover my Tank-head. I suppose it’s my own fault. Since she’d bullied me back in there, I figured I’d start with Ms Mount. That was a mistake. I never knew that 300 words could scare quite so much shit out of someone.

I swear, I knew there was a reason I never wanted to upset Kenda – and that story she posted is why. lol

SO I gave up. well, it was late and I’ve been ill. I was tired and I wanted to work on one of my own stories. So I gave up. but I swear, I will get around to doing some reviews. I swear. I will. Honest.

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