Wednesday Words – “Agent of Mercy” by Betty Ann Harris

Today’s excerpt is from Agent of Mercy by Betty Ann Harris. First, here’s the book trailer, followed by the excerpt.

AgentOfMercy Sam left the cottage again and walked in the direction of the hotel. The walkway skirted the beach and as Sam walked along he scanned the few scantily clad beach dwellers. His eyes were drawn to a woman’s figure as she stood at the water’s edge, her back to him. Her form was familiar, as was her hair as it flowed over her shoulders and billowed in the ocean breeze. It’s her.

Sam sat on a bench near the walkway with his newspaper in hand. With sunglasses on and wearing a hat, he could hide behind his newspaper if she walked in his direction and she’d think nothing of him, just another tourist. He watched her as she stood there. Suddenly, she turned to walk back to her beach chair. God, she’s gorgeous.

Sam was almost envious of Hunter, who would get close to her and make love to her. He couldn’t think about that. This is just a job.

Catherine sat down on her beach chair and removed her bikini top, taking in the sun. God help me. She glanced in his direction and he looked down into the newspaper. Sam was feeling a bit uncomfortable, the other beach dwellers had left and he and Catherine were the only two people in the area.

Sam got up to leave when his cell phone rang. The number of the incoming call was unfamiliar to him. He answered with caution. “Hello.”

“Hello Sam, it’s me, Catherine.”

Sam was dumbfounded, but quick thinking and calmly maneuvering out of dicey situations, were his trademarks.

“Well, well, you certainly played me for a fool, didn’t you?”

“It wasn’t my intention to play you at all. But I wasn’t sure I could trust you.”

Sam, eager to find out if she intended now to be honest with him asked, “Where are you?”

“I’m not sure I can tell you that, yet.”

“Then why are you calling me?”

“Because I… I miss you, Sam.”

She ran her hand over her breast, as if she was imagining Sam touching her. As he watched her on the beach, topless, as she stroked her own breast, he asked her, “What are you doing?”

“You mean right now?”


“I’m thinking of you, touching me, your hands on me, gently stroking me.”

Sam thought he’d go out of his mind, but restrained himself. “Well, perhaps if you tell me where you are, I could come to you and make your dreams come true. There’s no reason for you not to trust me. I want to be with you, Catherine. I don’t really care about the money, as long as we can be together. I don’t want your money, I want you.”

“Sam, I care for you. You’re the only man I’ve ever really felt comfortable with. To be honest, I was afraid you were just trying to control me and if I had brought you with me, you might just use me. I was afraid of my feelings for you. In the past I’ve been hurt and used by men, including my own father. I’m sorry I thought the worst of you. Can you forgive me?”

Sam stood up from the bench he’d been sitting on. He felt as if he was being pulled apart, two men: one the FBI agent who would be responsible for bringing this woman down. A woman who had been abused by men and was only trying to start a new life for herself, albeit at the financial expense of Derek Simpson. The other man he was had sympathy for her, maybe a twinge of guilt. What actual proof was there that she was guilty of anything other than stealing money from extremely rich men? His whole body was screaming at him, his heart pounding, as his brain fought itself.

“Sam, are you still there?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“I’m in St. Croix at the Regency Escape Hotel.”

“I’ll be there tomorrow. What room are you in?”

“I’m staying in room 717. Please hurry. I need you, Sam.”


Agent of Mercy is published by Red Rose and available now.

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