Question Time

If you scanned through my tweets from yesterday you’ll have noticed a great many references to “#bbcqt”. For those of you who don’t use twitter, the hash code is used to flag up your tweets to others who don’t normally follow you if you are posting on a particular topic. Last month “#uksnow” was a big one, with people across the UK telling the world how bad the snow by them was on a scale of one to ten and posting pretty pictures thereof via twitpic.

“#bbcqt” is the hash tag for the BBC’s Question Time program – the weekly political debate show in which David Dimbleby chairs a panel of politicians, journalists and sometimes celebrities as the live audience ask questions. In recent years, the television audience has been encouraged to join in the debate via e-mail or SMS text message. And now, an increasing number of people are turning to twitter to voice their opinions as they watch. So I wonder how long it will be before David starts mentioning it in his introduction.

It was actually very interesting last night to be on twitter while watching the show. The “#bbcqt” tag made it easy to find what other people were saying. And to answer them back. I’m looking forward to doing it again next week.


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