What a Week!

Well, what a manic couple of weeks that’s been. It’s always the same around this time of year. The firm I work for has its financial year end at the end of April and there’s a ton of work to do to report on it and a flurry of activity from fee earners as they bill all their matters to try and hit their targets. Actually, this year we’ve had one fee earner who’s billed exactly his target amount. Not just over, or just under, but exactly the amount.

One of the partners asked me if I thought he was cheating.

What makes it a particularly busy time is that I have to keep the cash office ticking over as I would do normally. That means there are still cheques to pay in/out, electronic funds transfers to deal with and other people calculations to correct, I mean, check. This April/May have seen a lot of activity in the housing market too as people try and move before the government’s HIPs (Home Information Pack) scheme comes into force which will make it more expensive to sell your house.

But anyway, things are a bit quieter now and I have a bit of time to blog. I’ve got some catching up to do, but I live in hope of a couple of slow days so that I can do that without too much trouble.

On to other matters.

Blair has gone.

Well, nearly.

We’ve got another two months or so to put up with him then he’s out of here.

I won’t be sorry to see him go—I’ve never trusted the man, even as far back as when he first took control of Labour. It was the clause 4 moment that did it for me. Many people saw it as him modernising his party. I saw it as a desperate attempt to gain power by turning his back on what most people in his party believed.

Still, we’ve got a few years of Gordon to look forward to now. That should be fun. Not. If the man’s got any decency he’ll call an early election to gain a mandate of his own (or get kicked out altogether). But somehow I think he’ll hang on until the last possible moment.

More importantly to me, and more excitingly, Wolves have made the playoffs! Yes!!! Get in!!!! I don’t normally talk about footy in this blog, but I’m making an exception today. At the start of the season, with no manager and no money, we were tipped for relegation. But Mick McCarthy has done a great job and we might even be going up. Of course, we have to get past the Baggies first, and then a trip to the new Wembley awaits. We can but dream.

On the erotica front, I’ve been too tired in the evenings to do much writing. I have managed to go over one story making small pre-submission changes. That went off yesterday. I’ll keep you posted over its acceptance or lack thereof. I’ve also started the second draft of another story, but not got very far. I’ll have at it over the weekend and maybe I can get that subbed next week sometime.

Finally – I have a release date for “Breakfast at Ruthie’s”. It will go on sale via my Lulu store on 1 June 2007. That’s three weeks from today. Prices are currently set at £7.50 for the two paperback editions, £13.50 for the hardback and £3 for a digital edition. Although, I may be tempted to reduce the cover price as a launch week special offer. I haven’t made my mind up about that yet.


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