Where you been?

Okay, so the whole point of advance posting the Eternally & Evermore excerpts was so that my blog didn’t go without a posting for two weeks. And what happens when I get back from holiday? Yep, I spend so much time catching up with everything, that my blog goes without a post for two weeks.

Bloody typical.

Oh, well, can’t have everything. I’m still struggling for time to be honest, so for today, here’s the trailer for E&E. It does say that the book is ‘available now’, but it isn’t. Yet. I was expecting to be released yesterday, but it’s still showing as ‘Coming soon’ on the Phaze website. (Actually, it says ‘Coming in August’ but don’t go there). I’m trying to find out what the delay is and will let you guys know when I know. Anyway, enjoy the trailer.


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