Short Story Re-Issued


For 5 days, from April 29th to 3rd May 2020 “Banging my Teammates” will be FREE on Amazon at


I’ve re-issued my short story, “Banging my Teammates.” It was previously released using one of my ‘other’ pseudonyms – C N Lingus, but I’ve decided to gradually ‘kill off’ those other pseudonyms and bring all my stories and novels back under my main author name.

So I’ve designed a new cover, subtitled it as “A Westmouthshire Short Story” and completely updated the eBook innards, including a new “Parklands Independent Books” logo, slightly edited text (to remove some minor errors) and a few other tweaks.

You can get “Banging my Teammates” on Amazon as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription or for the regular price of £0.99/$0.99/€0.99 at


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