A Sackable Offense?

Firstly, I must offer you, my dear readers, my most humble of apologies. I have been neglecting my duty to you as a blogger over the past week or so. And for this, I am most profoundly sorry. Now please allow me to keep my job.

Okay, I jest. But the point I am trying to make is a serious one. New broke today of yet another set of highly confidential government documents that have been lost. This time it was Culture Secretary (what, exactly does a Culture Secretary do in times of economic crisis I wonder?), Andy Burnham, who left his briefcase containing “restricted” files on a train when he got off in London’s Euston station. He has “apologised unreservedly” for his complete and utter balls-up.

So that’s okay then.

Of course, if it had been me, and I’d left confidential client or staff files on a train, no amount of apologies, no matter how unreserved they were, would keep me in a job. the boss would have sacked me on the spot and with good reason. Frankly, I’d have deserved it.

So how come Mr Burnham gets to keep his job? Why hasn’t he been given his P45 for such a monumental cock-up? I’d guess it’s because he’s a minister and ministers don’t get sacked. At least, not by this Prime Minister they don’t. After all, is there any good reason anyone can think of that Jackie Smith is still in a job? That woman’s had more cock-up over the past twelve months that your average fifty quid street-walker (sorry, I mean, “Sex Worker”).

Still, there’s not much I can do about it other than help vote this government out when the time comes.

To other matters. I spent most of this weekend down the allotment playing with my rotavator (oh, err, missus). The plot is just over a year old now and prior to our taking it over it was covered in grass, weeds and brambles. Last year we did a good job of getting the weeds under control on half of the plot but that lead to quite hard and clay-based soil. I’ve used the rotavator to break the soil up, mix in some manure and now it’s looking much, much better.

In that half of the plot we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff planted from potatoes, to onion and garlic and strawberries and raspberries. My job now is to tackle the rest of the plot- where the weeds seems to have taken control again. That’s going to be hard work. But ultimately it will be satisfying.

I have some pictures of the plot I took on Sunday, but haven’t been able to upload them to Flickr yet. When i have done I’ll post them hear for your viewing pleasure (if pleasure is the right word).

After writing five chapters of Will and Amy’s still untitled story while I was in France, I’ve managed about 5 words since. Quite disappointing but it’s been hard to find the time to crack on with it. That is frustrating as I can see the end of the story in the distance and would dearly love to have a first draft finished by the time Kiss by a Rose comes out in June.

Speaking of Kissed by a Rose, the final edit is coming along. All looks good for the release. I’m working on a 3rd YouTube trailer for the book and I have some edits to my website planned to coincide with the launch but in the meantime here is the splendid cover for you to enjoy and the current (2nd) trailer.

Kissed by a Rose


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