Are You Feeling Sick Yet?

cadburys-easter-sharing-selectionSo, how was your Easter? Feeling sick from all the chocolate yet? I’m not because at 38 I’m considered too old to be bought chocolate eggs – so I just have to buy my own, hide them away so nobody (i.e. the wife and kids) sees them and eat them in secret.

I’ve only got one left now.

Interestingly, I had a conversation with my wife about the why, when Easter is all about the death & resurrection of Christ, it’s represented by chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits. “What’s that got to do with Easter and Christ?” she asked. “Bugger all,” I replied, “Now shut up and let me eat my egg in peace.” (I didn’t really say that.)

I guess the eggs and bunnies is more to do with spring that it is with Christ. Just like Christmas is so close to the winter solstice even though historians believe that the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth was probably born in September.

But anyway, Easter weekend was pretty good for me from a personal point of view – not so good from an author’s point of view, by which I mean I didn’t do any writing. At all. None. So I’m no further along with the manuscript than I was last time I updated you.

game-of-thrones-season-3-teaserThe reason for this, of course, is that Easter weekend was pretty damn good on the ole gogglebox. doctor-who-bells-of-st-john-first-pic-portraitRevolution started its run on Sky1, the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead on FOX. New season of Doctor Who. New season of Game of Thrones. Pretty damn good. Add to that a Girls Aloud concert on MTV Live (my guilty pleasure – hey, there’s a blog post in that somewhere), and Wolves winning two, count ‘em TWO, games of football.

Yeah, pretty good weekend.

Back to work today though. And back to writing later tonight. If there’s nothing good on the box that is.



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