The Joy of Jobs (Work, not Steve)

Easter was at a funny time this year, I thought, sitting as it did at the end of March. For me, Easter signifies the busiest period of my working year, and this year was no exception. But usually Easter is a break from the madness – calm before the storm or a chance to relax afterwards – but this year, not so much.

March 31st is the end of my firm’s financial year, so the week or so prior to it and the couple of weeks after are, as you can imagine, pretty busy for me in the accounts department. The end of March also marks the end of the Payroll year (the tax year actually ends on April 5th, but my firm’s last pay date is March 28th). And that just adds to the general workload.

And, usually, I get a break before this busy period with a early Easter or after it with a late Easter. This year though, Easter came smack bang in the middle of it all, and any chance I had to relax and benefit from the break was nullified.

So, whereas one might have expected the Easter break to be a chance for me to crack on and do some serious writing, instead I’ve done very, very little as all my energies have been used up at work and I’ve been too tired to get my mind in gear in the evenings.

Still, the busy period seems to be over now and I’m looking forward to getting back into the writing groove, so to speak. I just hope it doesn’t take too long to find it again.

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