A Thank you and other ramblings

The MySpace version of this blog now has over 120 subscribers and the Blogger version also get a consistent number of hits. I just wanted to take a few words to thank all of you who read it. Hopefully you find it a little entertaining and it brightens up your day every now and then. Particular thanks to those of you that are still with me from when I started blogging in 2006. Putting up with my moaning, ranting and general prattling on must have been hard. I’ve sent a few messages out to recent MySpace subscribers to say thanks for joining the party, but if I’ve missed you out, please don’t feel offended – it’s an oversight on my part, that’s all. My brain sometimes fails the longer I stare at the screen.

To other matters, I had told myself not to start work on the second draft of Chloe’s Education for a couple of weeks. I really ought to knock out a couple of shorts as writing/plotting practice and give something back to the Fishtank in the form of some reviews, but, me being be, I gave in, turned on track changes and attacked the keyboard pretty much as soon as Cassie mailed me back to say she’d finished reading it through and here were her comments (I really should publicly thank Cassie for doing that for me. One or two little prods here and there. She is invaluable to me). I’m weak – sue me.

Interestingly, Cassie asked mid-way though one chapter if I shouldn’t start a new chapter because of the ‘jump’ of subject matter. Now, I’ve always tried to keep chapter lengths to about 5000 words. Don’t ask why, it just seems like a sensible number. Anyway, I looked at the chapter in question and agreed that it should be split up. And now, during my re-write/edit I’ve found myself splitting up the other chapters too. They gone from around 5000 to around 1000-2000 words. So I’ve got a lot more chapters, but they are shorter. I don’t really know which is best. What do you think? Do you prefer lots of short chapters, or fewer long ones? Interesting question and I don’t really know what I think, to be honest.

I’m also surprised at just how easily this edit is flowing at the moment. Normally, I struggle with self-edits, but this one seems to be going well. Let’s hope it lasts.

And finally. Can I just say that I’m really, really glad I don’t work in a bank. who knows which will be the next one to go under?

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