When to re-write and when not.

Chloe’s Education is nearing completion of the first draft (slowly, I admit – I really need to crack on with it) and I’m looking around for ideas for my next project. There are one or two rattling around in my head, but nothing that’s firmed itself into a proper narrative structure. Possibly I need a break form coming up with new stories (or at least long, new stories) and should invest some time in re-writing one of my older ones.

Reunion is still doing well on StoriesOnLine*, getting around 10 reads a week which isn’t bad at all for a story that’s been on the site for over three years. Its already been partially re-written and is available from Lulu for a small fee – but I’d like to really do a proper re-write. There are three or four sub-plots I’d like to add that I believe would really enhance the story and create better, more understandable and identifiable characters. So this might well be what I end up doing.

The other project that sticks in my throat is College by the Sea. Posted at SOL in 2005, it was never really finished. The story was meant to follow the group of students throughout their first year at university, but I only posted up to the end of the first term – so the ending seems quite abrupt. I’ve actually written quite a bit more than I’ve posted, but it’s still doesn’t have an ending. Which is a shame, because it deserves one. The problem I have re-writing this story is that it will be a complete re-write. I think I’ll almost have to start again from scratch to bring the writing up to the standard that I’m at now. Could be worthwhile though.

So that’s where I am – trying to finish one project and looking for the next. But what I’ll decide is anyone’s guess.

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