Dirty Minded B+)*^&^d

You remember me talking about the young ladies in our office before now. I’m sure you do. It happens frequently. Well, today, the one I was jabbering on about last week is dressed very professionally. She looks very smart in her black suit and red blouse. And the glasses add a touch of sophistication.

But, I’m sorry to say, the only thing that’s running through my mind every time I see her today is….

yep, you guessed it…

Slutty Secretary.

And all the things men like to do with Slutty Secretaries. I really should write a story about her and get it out of my system. There is an alternative, but it’ll end in divorce and that’s not what I want. Guess I’ll have to settle for ogling and fantasising.

I wasn’t very productive this weekend writing wise. I reviewed/rewrote just over a chapter and a half and split up all the remaining old chapters into what I think will be the new chapter structure. The re-write is up to 85000 words now, which is 5k more than it was when I started and that includes all the bits of dung that I’ve cut from it. It’s going well. I just hope it’ll prove worthwhile.

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