Isn’t it weird when…

Stuff happens. You know, freaky stuff. Stuff you didn’t expect.

The other day, I was browsing the interweb, as you do, looking at nothing in particular, if you can count naked ladies as nothing in particular, when I came across (meaning I found – nothing sexually unseemly) a page of thumbnails of some of the photos of a set by the website of glamour model (okay, porn star) Lexi Belle.

And the weirdest thing happened.

No, not that. Get your minds out of the gutter. What happened was that several of those photos – the head shots, in fact –  hit me like a sledgehammer because they were almost exactly the image I’ve been carrying around in my head of the heroine of my latest WIP, Eternally & Evermore.

I swear, it was incredible. There was these stunning photos of an already beautiful young woman, made up and styled to be very, very glamorous and all I could think of was how much she looked like Amy looked to me as I wrote about her.

Okay, so Lexi has hazel eyes and Amy has blue and Lexi has dark roots while Amy is a natural blonde, but those things aside, it WAS Amy staring out of the screen at me with a sexy, smouldering look.

And I knew. I knew I had to have her on the cover of the book. I know, I know, I’m getting ahead of myself because the book isn’t even finished yet, so downloading that photo and turning it into a cover (compete with a change of eye colour) was not the most productive use of my time, but it made me feel good.

Now, as good as I think this cover looks, I know I can’t use it. The photo is almost certainly copyrighted so I’d have to get a release from the copyright holder, which I wouldn’t have the first clue how to go about doing. But I can hold on to it while I finish the first draft and revise the subsequent drafts.

On a different note. I’ve had another hell of a week, which is why this is my first blog post of the week. Still, the week is over now and I can relax for the weekend. Who knows, I may even get another couple of thousand words towards the end of my WIP.


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