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With Heaven in Leather going live on various websites yesterday, I took the opportunity to do a bit of admin in respect of the information I hold about my e-books such as URLs for the various titles at various stores and sales figures. And it’s sales figures I want to talk about today.

Now, first up, let’s put the cards on the table, I’m a stat hound. Number are in my blood and stats are the ultimate fun tool to play with numbers. I’m a geek that way.

Now, I have spread sheet (naturally) where I keep details of my sales figures on a ‘per quarter, per channel’ basis. It’s not quite as detailed as I’d like it to be mind, because I’ve lumped all the sales that come through Smashwords (i.e. iBooks, B&N, Sony etc) into just one channel and at some point I’d like to break things down further. I have the information to do it, just lack the time.

But anyway, as I was looking over the stats, I realised something – I really need to get my arse in gear and get A Tortured Soul finished and released. Why? Well, take a look at this graph and if that doesn’t answer the question then nothing will.

sales chart

A Good Man makes up almost half of my all time sales. HALF! That’s bonkers. That one book could outperform all the others so completely. The rest are reasonably evenly distributed, but the sheer dominance of AGM in this chart tells you why I need to finish the second book in the series and the sooner the better.

While I’m on, this is what I mean about wanting to break my sales channel data down a bit more. This graph shows that I get about the same number of sales from ‘Smashwords Channels” as I do from the Kindle Store. But “Smashwords Channels” includes the Smashwords website, Sony eReader Store, Diesel, iBooks, B&N Nook store and Kobo (who no longer stock my books – those Bastards). So I’d really like to find the time to redraft my spread sheet to break this down and see where all those sales are coming from.


Anyway, that’s enough. You’re getting bored now, I can tell. All these graphs and numbers and stuff. I should just bugger off and do some writing.

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