Monday Morning Flash – “Crimson Lips” by Cassie Exline

red lips Today sees the first guest flash and it comes from my good friend, the lovely Ms Cassie Exline. Why not visit her website where you’ll find more free stories to read. She’s also on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.

I hope you enjoy Crimson Lips


Crimson Lips by Cassie Exline

(362 words)

Yellow and orange flames danced in the limestone fireplace at Stone Manor Ski Lodge. Bethany tossed a crumpled letter and watched fiery fingers devour it until there was nothing but charred embers. She crushed the rose in her hand, enjoying the pain as the thorn pierced her palm. Crimson petals joined the letter, fizzling as the fire laid claim.

Bethany appeared lost in thought, yet wasn’t startled when a deep voice said, “Can I be of service?”

She turned toward a man who had sky blue eyes, full lips and pearly white teeth. “I’ve been abandoned.”

“Thought as much.”

A lone tear rolled down her cheek and dropped onto the toe of her shoe. Bethany stared at the glistening pool.

“A shuttle bus comes every morning to drop off day skiers. You can catch a ride back to town,” he said.

She sighed.

“Since that won’t be for several hours, why don’t you spend the night in my room?”

Her head jerked up and she looked at him.

“My name is Adam.” When she didn’t respond, he said, “I’ve never had any complaints.”

Bethany stared at the floor.

He cupped her chin and lifted it until their eyes met. “We won’t do anything you don’t want to do.”

Her tongue glided across her ruby red lips. He smiled. She nodded and followed him to his room.

Adam undressed her with tenderness and covered her bare body with kisses. His lips teased her while his cock pleased her. She moaned her pleasure while consumed by waves of ecstasy. He rode her soft and rode her hard. Then she took her turn enjoying his body. He was right, she had no complaints.

Golden rays of morning light streaked through the room. She peeked outside and saw the shuttle bus lumbering up the road toward the lodge.

“Adam, you tasted like heaven.” Bethany pulled on her clothes and fastened her cloak. The gray hood hid her face. “I hate to eat and run but I can’t be caught here.” The blue from his lifeless eyes was already fading. She covered his pale body with the rose covered comforter and licked her crimson lips. “Very tasty.”


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