It’s Been a While…

My last post here on the blog was back in September when I announced the re-release date for Kissed by a Rose. Then after a good six months of being able to find the time to work at being Marc Nobbs, things changed. It’s been a hectic few months for me since October. Not as a writer, but as a living breathing person with a job and a family life.

Lockdown is Tough, but Easing it Too Soon & Too Quick will be Tougher

When I sat and watched Prime Minister Johnson’s address to the nation on 10th May, it was with a mix of horror and confusion.

Working from Home

Despite the UK’s “lockdown” (which, let’s be honest, isn’t anything like what most countries have meant by “lockdown” I’ve still been hard at work. Not just on a couple of personal projects which include slowly bringing the eBooks I’ve published under different names back under my main author name, but also at my day job.

How’s Your Lockdown?

Prime Minister Johnson (still feels wrong to say that—how did that man become PM?) announced that life as the UK knew it was being put on hold for the time being back on 23rd March.

The Speed of Change

My last post was just about two weeks ago—and boy how the world has changed since then, huh? A Global Pandemic is spreading across countries like… well, like a virus. Which is exactly what it is. Corona Virus—or COVID-19 as it’s been officially designated—is wreaking havoc with whole countries being put into ‘lock-down’. Here in […]