Wednesday Words – "0 to 60 in 5 Minutes" by Jasmine Black

Today’s excerpt comes from Jasmine Black’s “0 to 60 in 5 Minutes”. Jasmine Black has been writing romances from her heart since 2005. Her stories don’t follow a cookie cutter pattern and the plots are all different as she lets her characters tell her where the story is going. She enjoys reading, computer games, and quite time. She also has a heart for charity, and you can find some of her stories in Coming Together anthologies—Against the Odds and Al Fresco.

Oh, he was perfect. His blue eyes had twinkled when she rubbed her foot on his muscled leg. He must have thought she was an easy score, but she had to know if his legs were as toned as his arms. Of course, they were.

His dimples were divine. For some odd reason, she loved a dimpled face. Her heart had flipped when she saw them. Two identical indentions on his cheeks. She wondered what his other set of cheeks looked like. How they would feel in her hands.

Slow down before you run him off. The advice might work in normal circumstances, but she didn’t have time to slow down. She needed a boyfriend who all but lived at her house and had advanced to the meet-the-parents stage in a relationship.

After a deep breath, she gathered her nerve. “All you have to do is pretend you’re my boyfriend and attend my high school reunion. Of course, we’ll have to become very acquainted with each other, and we only have two weeks. Afterwards, I’ll tell my family we broke up, and you’ll get your grand.”

He stared at her in disbelief. “That’s all? I don’t have to kill anyone or anything?”

She laughed, then stifled her amusement when she noticed his seriousness. “No. You don’t have to kill anyone, physically. Emotionally, I hope my ex cries for days after he sees me in the best shape of my life and with a man sexier than he could ever hope to be.”

Had she really told him he was sexy to his face? Minutes ago she’d scoffed at the hornballs in the room. Now drool threatened to drip from the corner of her mouth.

The coordinator’s voice boomed over the microphone, “Switch.”

Oh, no! Her time was up, and he hadn’t answered. Months of searching for the perfect man and he was about to move out of her life. Well, maybe just move to the next table, but what if he found a better offer a few seats down? There were a lot of attractive women here tonight.

“Move buddy, I’ve been waiting to talk to number five all night.” A man wearing a wife beater and ripped jeans nudged Noah over to the next table.

Noah inched over without answering her question. A lump formed in her throat. The man of her dreams… or lies, however you wanted to phrase it, left her waiting for his reply.

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