Bugger it, It’s Back to Work Time

So, the festive period is over, which means for me that it’s back to the office and back to my old schedule.

Which for me means less writing. Unfortunately.

Over the holiday period, when I stayed in France with my In-Laws, I was happily able to write much more than at any period in recent times. I got a couple of thousand words a day written for streak of four or five days—which is amazing for me.

However, I returned to the UK on New Years Eve, and got settled back into ‘home life’ from 1st January onwards…

And I’ve written bugger all since then.


My WIP is at exactly the same point that I left if when I closed my laptop on 30th December before packing it away to come home.

So, the lesson I need to take away from this… I need to move to France and write full time. Of course, the chances of that happening are pretty remote. But I can dream can’t I?

In the meantime, the best I can hope for is to get this WIP finished over the next couple of weeks, then work on getting Charlotte’s Secret ready for a 31/03/2015 release date.

Wish me luck.

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